Several people have been generous enough to throw us wedding showers (well, they're mainly for Claire, of course, but we both appreciate them)

The first was given by Jeff's Aunts Janet and Sandy and his grandmother on June 26, 1999.  Here are the pictures (click on the small images to see the full-sized picture).

Thanks to Jeff's mom Margaret for mastering the incredibly difficult task of using Jeff's digital camera (well, it's hard for her) to take these pictures.

pic00344.jpg (132543 bytes)


The second took place on August 7, 1999, at the home of Dick & Donna Phebus, Jeff's former next-door neighbors (and his parents' regular bridge partners) in Newport Beach.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Here are the pictures.  Again, click on the small pictures to see the full-sized image.


The third and final shower took place on August 21, 1999 at the home of Jodee Marshall in Willits, CA.  Here are the pictures:

pic00007.jpg (196859 bytes)