At Last!  The video is here!

Those of you that we see regularly will of course get to see the actual video, but for those we get to less frequently, here is an alternative.

This is the full 50-minute video.  The 4-minute highlights clip that was here previously is no longer available (it is part of the full video anyway).

This video is presented in RealVideo format.  You will need RealPlayer G2 or later to play it.  If you don't have it, you can download Real Player 7.0, the latest version, for free by clicking here.  

Speaking of video quality, I have made three versions of this video available.  One is for people with 56k modems or slower.  The video quality is not great, but it's the best that can be done with a slow connection like yours.  You might want to consider a faster connection, like ISDN, DSL, or cable modem.

The second version is for people with mid-band connections, around 128k.  The video quality is fair.

The third version is for people on a corporate LAN, or with DSL or cable modems.  The video quality is quite good.

To view the video, select the speed of your Internet connection below:


56k Modem

112k Dual ISDN

Cable, DSL, or LAN